Customer Testimonials

Satisfied clients are an important part of our business.

Indy Air Sales was so helpful in the purchase of my first airplane, a BEAUTIFUL, Blue 152.  They went out of their way to ensure the proper documentation was handled and answered all of my “first-timer” questions thoroughly and with grace.  When I upgrade to a bigger bird, I will certainly come back to Indy! 


I have used Indy Air LLC on three different occasions to sell my airplane. Once was the sale of a Cessna 180, second was the sale of a Great Lakes biplane, and lastly this month the sale of my RV-7.  On all occasions Pat and Mark researched the market to help me with pricing and worked to get the fair amount the market would allow.  They are very professional in their approach and having been in this business as long as they have, know when they have a serious buyer.  It has been a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their service to anyone needing to market an aircraft.

  Joseph F.

The people at Indy Air Sales are the most kind, courteous and professional people that you would ever want to meet. Mark and Kerri were the greatest help when selling my aircraft. It is hard to believe that there are still people out there that are willing to go the extra mile to help out their fellow man. If anyone is looking to buy or sell an airplane, Indy Air Sales is the place I would recommend. Thanks again to Mark for all of his help and a special thank you to Kerri for all of her hard work processing the paperwork. When I am looking for another airplane, Indy Air Sales will be my go to!

  Ron D

F. Carney

My experience with Indy air was exceptional. I'd been looking for a cub for quite some time when I came across their ad. I called about their cub, and from the first initial phone call with the lady, to the day the pilot delivered my new
cub, it was a painless process. The plane was exactly what Indy Air described, the price of the plane was just right. From here on out, my plane shopping will start with Indy Air. Thank you Indy Air!

  F. Carney

I like no hassle business. Your people were top notch. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  Tom M.

My experience with Indy Air Sales was very positive. Having never sold an airplane, I was reassured by a competent Mark McLaughlin about what to expect. He responded promptly to my request, visited my hangar, and walked me through the process. Everything he told to expect unfolded during the sale. He obviously knows his business, understands the current market environment, and candidly explains the options for a person to simply understand. He knew the market so well that even his initial pricing estimate ended up being accurate. Indy Air takes a complicated set of steps and makes it very simple for the buyer. Kerri handled the paperwork processing. She was extremely helpful and courteous. The folks at Indy Air Sales are honest, competent and professional. I highly recommend them.

  John H.

What a pleasant surprise it was to do business with Indy Air Sales! Mark, Pat, Kerri, and all the support and maintenance personnel were outstanding as we set out on the task of purchasing a Cessna 310R.

No matter what we asked to see or do, they provided 100% courteous support and quick responses/replys. We were very impressed by their willingness to allow us to perform a thorough pre-buy on the airplane, including the use of their hangar and tools. Kerri even bought us lunch while we performed the pre-buy.

Great people and a honest business. They didn’t try to hide any discrepancies and went out of their way to rectify issues we found wrong with the airplane.

I would absolutely do business again with Indy Air Sales…whether it is buying or selling an airplane.

  Rick W.

I have bought 33 airplanes in my flying career, but no transaction was more professional and pleasant than my latest with Indy Air. The Skylane had been sitting, unused for several years before Indy acquired it. Yes, there were “red flags”, yes, there were unknowns, but you were completely up front with all the issues and helped me address each in a reasonable manner. Without your forthrightness, I would probably have purchased another airplane. As it worked out, well, it worked out well. I got a very good Skylane at a reasonable price and all elements of the sale, from your side, were handled with the utmost in professionalism and competency. Thank you and I sincerely hope we can have further dealings in the future.


One of the nicest experiences that I have ever had. Treated with respect before, during and after the sale. Although the airplane was sold as-is, they stood behind a 49 year old Piper when I had some avionics issues on my flight home to Florida. Many thanks!


Mark, Pat and everyone at Indy Air Sales were professional, friendly and very easy to deal with. I had a great experience from initial contact to inspecting the airplane to my trip home. They had car and accommodation advice that was very helpful. They were open and honest about the airplane condition and I couldn’t have asked for more. They even contacted me a few days later to see if I made it home ok. Thanks for the experience and such a great condition aircraft.