Brokerage vs Self-sell

It can be confusing, let us explain.


Most of us know that the decision to sell your aircraft can be an even larger decision than the original purchase – if not certainly more urgent. The sooner this decision is carried out and the aircraft is out of your hands, the sooner you stop that daily loss of money for the continued recurring expenses associated with aircraft ownership.

There may be two unique circumstances where it is reasonable to sell an aircraft or other significant item yourself. The first example would be when you already have a buyer. Whether it be a friend or relative, someone at your airport, you and this person have found each other and have already agreed on a price. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s a good value or not, you simply have an agreement. The second example would be where you don’t care how long it takes to get the aircraft or other item out of your hands. You’re not concerned about the ongoing outpour of money for hangar rent, insurance, annual inspections and the like. You almost don’t care if you sell the thing or not. You’re going to continue to use it until “if and when” it sells. We often have individuals come to us after they’ve attempted to “self broker” their aircraft for long periods of time. They become tired of the barrage of tire kickers and disingenuous phone calls and have eventually become committed in their want to sell.

For those who’ve made the decision to sell their aircraft, the most logical move is to sell it quickly enough to stop the constant loss of money for those recurring expenses. Although your numbers will vary, an individual can lose $3-$6000 per year for every year they don’t sell an unwanted or unused aircraft. Of course you also want the peace of mind that you have received a reasonable and fair value for it.

Selecting a professional broker such as ourselves allows you to receive a multitude of advantages that we present on a daily basis.

Indy Air Sales Advantages

  • We usually have many aircraft in stock on our show room floor and advertised on the Internet. This means your aircraft is now in the flow of increased traffic and therefore potential buyers.

  • We have access to and relationships with properly rated demonstration pilots as well as certified flight instructors. This allows us to demonstrate your aircraft seven days a week in most cases.

  • Because this is our way of life, we have a tremendous amount of experience handling such transactions and we know how to protect you from a wide array of issues.

  • That is why we handle all the paperwork for you. Our experience allows us to make a complicated and important task as pain-free and simple for you as possible.

  • We are also capable of buying your aircraft out right. We also often take trade-ins on other purchases and because of that ongoing flow, we can sell your aircraft even faster.

  • When buying your aircraft out right – we can usually hand you your check in a matter of days.

  • You get peace of mind, knowing that you have received a fair and reasonable value for your aircraft by our extensive lists of comparable sales and prices.

  • With our in-house cleaning and detailing services, your aircraft will be shown in the very best light possible.

  • Of course, we are insured to cover all non–owned aircraft.

  • As you see, using a professional broker of our caliber ensures that you are receiving the level of service needed to bring results, satisfaction and of course – peace of mind.

We invite you to get to know us and let us address all of your concerns and interests. It all starts with that first phone call. You’ll see that our processes and methods ensure timeliness, effectiveness and peace of mind. We routinely visit clients and prospects around the Midwest and look forward to meeting with you in person. Of course, feel free to stop by when you’re in the area. Remember, this is our way of life!