The 172 is doing great for me. I am enjoying learning its oddities like burning more fuel from the left tank than the right tank at cruise, a common 172 problem I have learned. On my trip to Nashville, the winds were awful so I made a fuel stop as you suggested in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I ran into a pilot there who told me he bought a Maul from you and spoke highly of you as being an honest broker.
I would readily recommend your company to a future customers. I thought you to be an “honest broker” and that is important because I suspect that many aircraft buyers are not really knowledgeable and they frankly need help. Sort of like buying jewelry. You really hope your dealer is treating you fairly.
I thought you were offering me a solid airplane at a good price. I found you honest and straight forward. You were always easy to contact returning telephone calls and emails promptly. Like the pilot in Bowling Green, I declare you an honest broker and recommend you without hesitation


I have bought 33 airplanes in my flying career, but no transaction was more professional and pleasant than my latest with Indy Air. The Skylane had been sitting, unused for several years before Indy acquired it. Yes, there were “red flags”, yes, there were unknowns, but you were completely up front with all the issues and helped me address each in a reasonable manner. Without your forthrightness, I would probably have purchased another airplane. As it worked out, well, it worked out well. I got a very good Skylane at a reasonable price and all elements of the sale, from your side, were handled with the utmost in professionalism and competency. Thank you and I sincerely hope we can have further dealings in the future.