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Indy Air Sales, Your Partner in Aviation…

Our mission is to, partner with you to obtain a fair, honest value for your airplane. Whether you are selling or buying you can trust the Indy Air Sales team. We treat you like we would like to be treated, honestly and fairly. With over 70 years of aviation experience on the team, we know airplanes. We specialize in single and twin piston engine aircraft. We make it our mission to understand every single aircraft inside and out whether we are buying it, brokering it or selling it, you can rest assured we have done our research. You can trust the you are receiving the best information available. Take a minute to get to know us. Give us a call, send us an email it would be our pleasure to work with you in completing an aircraft sale, buy or broker.

Buying. Selling. Trading. We do our very best for you.

Top Testimonials

My experience with Indy Air Sales was very positive.  Having never sold an airplane, I was reassured by a competent Mark McLaughlin about what to expect.  He responded promptly to my request, visited my hangar, and walked me through the process.  Everything he told to expect unfolded during the sale.  He obviously knows his business, understands the current market environment, and candidly explains the options for a person to simply understand.  He knew the market so well that even his initial pricing estimate ended up being accurate.  Indy Air takes a complicated set of steps and makes it very simple for the buyer.  Kerri handled the paperwork processing.  She was extremely helpful and courteous.  The folks at Indy Air Sales are honest, competent and professional.  I highly recommend them.

John H.

What a pleasant surprise it was to do business with Indy Air Sales! Mark, Pat, Kerri, and all the support and maintenance personnel were outstanding as we set out on the task of purchasing a Cessna 310R.

No matter what we asked to see or do, they provided 100% courteous support and quick responses/replys. We were very impressed by their willingness to allow us to perform a thorough pre-buy on the airplane, including the use of their hangar and tools. Kerri even bought us lunch while we performed the pre-buy.

Great people and a honest business. They didn’t try to hide any discrepancies and went out of their way to rectify issues we found wrong with the airplane.

I would absolutely do business again with Indy Air Sales…whether it is buying or selling an airplane.

Rick W.

I highly recommend Indy Air Sales for the purchase or sale of an aircraft. When someone is about to put down some serious money for a plane, it can be a little unsetting to do business with a company over the internet. Rest assured when dealing with Pat or Mark. They are extremely professional, of the highest integrity, and treat buyers and sellers honestly. They will accurately value an aircraft and determine a fair and honest price. The buying and selling process is easy and comfortable and they go the extra mile to help the new aircraft owner. Whether buying or selling, you come away with a comfortable feeling that you know the full background of your plane, the other party, and have made a friend who will continue to provide advice and resources long after the sale.

Moe L.

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