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Indy Air Sales, Your Partner in Aviation…

Our mission is to, partner with you to obtain a fair, honest value for your airplane. Whether you are selling or buying you can trust the Indy Air Sales team. We treat you like we would like to be treated, honestly and fairly. With over 70 years of aviation experience on the team, we know airplanes. We specialize in single and twin piston engine aircraft. We make it our mission to understand every single aircraft inside and out whether we are buying it, brokering it or selling it, you can rest assured we have done our research. You can trust the you are receiving the best information available. Take a minute to get to know us. Give us a call, send us an email it would be our pleasure to work with you in completing an aircraft sale, buy or broker.

Buying. Selling. Trading. We do our very best for you.

Top Testimonials

I have bought 33 airplanes in my flying career, but no transaction was more professional and pleasant than my latest with Indy Air.

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I am pleased to recommend Indy Air Sales as an excellent broker for selling an airplane. When my husband passed away, I was left with a Luscombe that I did not want nor had the expertise to sell.

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The 172 is doing great for me. I am enjoying learning its oddities like burning more fuel from the left tank than the right tank at cruise, a common 172 problem I have learned.

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