Your Dream

Your dream is our way of life. We say that because we are not just businessmen, accountants and technicians. We are pilots – we were born and raised by pilots and have over 70 combined years of aviation experience. We have a multitude of skills to present ranging from aerobatic instruction to charter and corporate pilot assignments. We know a wide range of aircraft inside and out and commit ourselves to researching and studying each aircraft that we buy, broker or sell. We want more than just your business, we hope you will choose us to share your dream of aviation and allow us to serve you with resources unmatched anywhere in the industry. We invite you to get to know us and let us show you how our processes fortified by talent, expertise and trustworthiness will give you the greatest piece of mind and satisfaction. After all, your dream is our way of life!

Dreams Change

Everyone knows all too well how life can have its ups and downs, its various phases and as a result – dreams change. Whether it be life changing events such as retirement, marriage, childbirth, college and the like, our dreams often take on a new direction. An aircraft that was once used consistently now sits dormant in a hangar with only the occasional thought. Few people realize that an unused aircraft costs nearly as much to own as one flown consistently. Insurance, hangar rent, annual inspections and the like create an annual, monthly, weekly and even daily loss of money. Money that could be channeled and used in other areas of life. Additionally, an aircraft that sits dormant depreciates at an accelerated rate. We can help you quickly and effectively stop this financial drain. We will be timely and thorough to evaluate your aircraft and show you real-world price comparisons. You will know that you are getting a fair and reasonable value for your aircraft. In many cases we can complete a closing on your aircraft in just a few days. Our processes fortified by talent, expertise and trustworthiness will give you a level of satisfaction and peace of mind unmatched anywhere in the industry. It is our utmost privilege to offer this because it is after all: our way of life!