In the world of aviation, that term takes on more than one meaning. On the runway, we all understand that at a specific speed (stated in the POH), that we simply bring up the nose to become airborne. In this application it simply refers to a specific action of some aircraft owners.

We are often asked, why do some pilots routinely rotate or alternate their aircraft every few years. It seems that there are two general types of owners in this arena. We all know a few individuals who have had their aircraft for multitudes of years. It’s their baby, their creampuff that they have owned since they began flying. In many cases, they have taught their children to fly in these machines.

Then of course, there is the other type of aircraft owners. They are the ones we are even more familiar with because we deal with them on a more regular basis. They have that tendency to rotate, change or alternate their aircraft every few years. And now we’re back to our original question – why would they do that?

Here are the two most common and practical answers to that question:

  1. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your avionics. Rather than buying new equipment and paying for the installation, it’s much more cost-effective to take advantage of the first few years depreciation and simply buy an aircraft that comes close to your ideal upgrade. It’s the same theory as buying a premium used car. You can often find an excellent two-year-old vehicle and avoid both the upfront cost and the initial first two-year depreciation during resell. Of course, it’s difficult to get exactly what you want in a particular avionics upgrade plus the specific aircraft that you want – but if you can live with the trade-offs, you can save a lot of money both in the original purchase and when you resell the aircraft. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you explore the possibilities of an avionics upgrade in this fashion. Remember, not only do we buy, sell and broker – we readily take trade-ins and are therefore best suited to help you with that type of upgrade!
  2. We all feel it, just some more than others. As pilots, we have all worked hard to earn our pilot certificates, ratings and all the various skills and responsibilities that go along with our quest for aviation. Some of us simply can’t stop – we have to keep changing and improving our skills set. The greatest way to do that is to constantly change the type or style of aircraft we are flying. Tricycle gear, conventional tail dragger, high wing/low wing, high-performance, complex, multi-engine – closed cockpit or open cockpit – you get the picture. For these people, there is no greater thrill than achieving competency in a very different aircraft than they have ever owned before. Whether it requires a rating, a CFI endorsement or simply getting checked out, some of us simply thrive for these type of achievements. We can help you with any of the scenarios in this article. Because of our rapidly changing inventory, we will often have exactly what you’re looking for in your next adventure. Not only can we broker your current aircraft – but we take trade-ins as well!

Give us a call and let us show you how we can share in your dream of aviation!