Damage history is often an exaggerated, misunderstood and misused term. There are many misconceptions about what should and should not be labeled as damage history and even more misconceptions about its effect on value. Although not always a cause for alarm, this term should be the cause for an in-depth study as to the nature, significance and impact on both performance, longevity and value of the aircraft. It is important to thoroughly ascertain the documentation of the damage, the significance of this damage, and the substantiality and thoroughness of the actual repairs.

It is important to remember that Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics, Repair Stations and the like, have different ways for recording, documenting and generating logbook entries. As a result, the specifics of damage history can be obscure and confusing when studying the logbooks. This can lead to a host of misunderstandings pertaining to the resulting effect on the value of a particular aircraft.

Fortunately, we have reviewed and studied hundreds upon hundreds of logbooks involving a wide variety of types and classes of aircraft. We know what to look for and how to interpret various degrees of repair entries on damage history. Because of our vast array of relationships with insurance companies, repair stations and the like – we have an excellent view and accurate opinion of the effect on quality and value of the particular aircraft. We can even often show comparisons to help assure you that our judgment and opinions are reasonable and fair. You will get this reassurance when you utilize any of our services.

In summary, damage history is a complex and somewhat subjective subject. Its effect can range from significant impact on value to very little if any at all. Whether you are buying, selling or using our brokerage services, we have the ability to guide you and protect you through this entire process.

But it all starts with a phone call! Give us a call or stop by and let’s talk about how we can sort out and simplify this subjective subject for you. We invite you to get to know us and let us show you how our processes fortified by talent, expertise and trustworthiness will give you the greatest piece of mind and satisfaction. After all, your dream is our way of life!