Pat’ s early entry into aviation was assisted by his father being both a pilot and the owner/operator of a flight school. This allowed Pat to solo on his 16th birthday in a Bellanca Decathlon as well as to continue this high-intensity exposure in all aspects of general aviation. While attending Purdue University to major in agricultural economics, he achieved his Certified Flight Instructor rating and specialized in the instruction of aerobatics. He never left the field of aviation and has always been involved in buying, selling, brokering and other aviation businesses. At one time, Pat operated the largest flight school in the state of Indiana.
This wide range of exposure allowed Pat to achieve practically every rating general aviation has – Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine, Turbine, Helicopter and for a period of years even maintained the recurrent training requirements for the Mitsubishi MU-2. Nearly as important as the ratings themselves, is the exposure and familiarity with such a wide range of aircraft.
Pat and Mark opened Indy Air Sales in January of 2011. This was the perfect venue for the wide range of skills, knowledge and talent that he had spent a lifetime acquiring – attributes unmatched virtually anywhere in the industry. Pat’s commitment to service and excellence, along with his enduring vision has truly created the company motto “Your Dream is our way of life!”.

Mark was truly born and raised in the world of aviation. Having both parents as pilots that owned several aircraft, he was instilled with a love for the art and science of aviation from the very beginning. As such, Mark soloed in a Cessna 150 when just 16 years old – receiving his private nearly a year later. When he wasn’t flying, he was working in the field of aviation in such arenas as crop dusting, line service at airports and even banner towing operations while still in high school. Mark continues ongoing recurrence training for IFR and multi engine proficiency as he continues to work as a charter pilot. With thousands of hours in the left seat, he maintains nearly as many hours studying aircraft logbooks, performance charts and individual aircraft factors such as AD’s, manufacturer service bulletins and the like. We feel that Mark’s attributes bring a level of talent and expertise to our customers that is virtually unmatched anywhere in the industry