John H.

My experience with Indy Air Sales was very positive.  Having never sold an airplane, I was reassured by a competent Mark McLaughlin about what to expect.  He responded promptly to my request, visited my hangar, and walked me through the process.  Everything he told to expect unfolded during the sale.  He obviously knows his business, understands the current market environment, and candidly explains the options for a person to simply understand.  He knew the market so well that even his initial pricing estimate ended up being accurate.  Indy Air takes a complicated set of steps and makes it very simple for the buyer.  Kerri handled the paperwork processing.  She was extremely helpful and courteous.  The folks at Indy Air Sales are honest, competent and professional.  I highly recommend them.

Ryan B.

I would highly recommend Indy Air Sales for your next purchase. There are not many honest people out there that you can do business with on just their word. Pat promised me an airworthy Aircraft over the phone and I went ahead with the purchase. On my flight back home, a significant problem was discovered which grounded the aircraft. Pat went out of his way to fix and pay for the problem, after the sale was already finalized. Pat may have lost money on this deal, but he gained a loyal customer, and kept [h]is word.

Rick W.

What a pleasant surprise it was to do business with Indy Air Sales! Mark, Pat, Kerri, and all the support and maintenance personnel were outstanding as we set out on the task of purchasing a Cessna 310R.

No matter what we asked to see or do, they provided 100% courteous support and quick responses/replys. We were very impressed by their willingness to allow us to perform a thorough pre-buy on the airplane, including the use of their hangar and tools. Kerri even bought us lunch while we performed the pre-buy.

Great people and a honest business. They didn’t try to hide any discrepancies and went out of their way to rectify issues we found wrong with the airplane.

I would absolutely do business again with Indy Air Sales…whether it is buying or selling an airplane.

Dave C.

I have been looking to purchase an aircraft for the last 6 months. Several deals fell through with other individuals and dealers.I have used several sites and found a few planes i liked at Indy Air Sales. I did some research on them online and all looked good. I started talking with Pat Robinson at Indy Air about a plane he had just purchased. Working with Pat and Indy air has been refreshing. He said he would send pictures, he did, i asked for specs and price, he sent them right over. Always answered my calls. I sent a deposit and signed a contract, no hassle. He even arranged for the plane to be ferried to me in Louisiana. Before the plane left they made sure everything was clean and in working order. Not sure when i will upgrade, but Pat at Indy Air will be my first call!

Charles Mahn

One of the nicest experiences that I have ever had. Treated with respect before, during and after the sale. Although the airplane was sold as-is, they stood behind a 49 year old Piper when I had some avionics issues on my flight home to Florida. Many thanks!

Moe L.

I highly recommend Indy Air Sales for the purchase or sale of an aircraft. When someone is about to put down some serious money for a plane, it can be a little unsetting to do business with a company over the internet. Rest assured when dealing with Pat or Mark. They are extremely professional, of the highest integrity, and treat buyers and sellers honestly. They will accurately value an aircraft and determine a fair and honest price. The buying and selling process is easy and comfortable and they go the extra mile to help the new aircraft owner. Whether buying or selling, you come away with a comfortable feeling that you know the full background of your plane, the other party, and have made a friend who will continue to provide advice and resources long after the sale.


Mark, Pat and everyone at Indy Air Sales were professional, friendly and very easy to deal with. I had a great experience from initial contact to inspecting the airplane to my trip home. They had car and accommodation advice that was very helpful. They were open and honest about the airplane condition and I couldn’t have asked for more. They even contacted me a few days later to see if I made it home ok. Thanks for the experience and such a great condition aircraft.
Chris from Washington state N8181U


I am pleased to recommend Indy Air Sales as an excellent broker for selling an airplane. When my husband passed away, I was left with a Luscombe that I did not want nor had the expertise to sell. I called Pat Robinson at Indy Air Sales. Speaking with Pat, gave me confidence that my plane would be appropriately valued. He also made it clear to me what the commission for the sale would be.

All of the details of the sale were handled with ease, from picking up the plane at my local airport, to handling the paperwork. I received payment very promptly. I really could not have done this on my own and would highly recommend Indy Air Sales to others. Please feel free to use me as a reference.


I would like to provide testimonial as to my experience with Mark Mclaughlin in selling my 1970 Bonanza V3SB.

First off a little background on my experience prior to having Mark broker my aircraft. As one might expect, the market for buyers of aircraft between 2008 and present is full of predatory buyers. The economic climate forced many owners to sell. Buyers were acutely aware of this and often made ridiculously low offers.

I, on the other hand, was not in this situation. I simply chose to sell my aircraft because I had work and family obligations that just didn’t leave me enough time to fly.

My airplane was in mint condition, full of the latest avionics and original interior. I tried selling my aircraft with 3 other brokers, all promising to sell the airplane for a very high price and in short order. Each broker came up short, if at all. I tried selling it on my own by listing it on Trade-A-Plane and Each time the contract or listing expired with zero results.

I came to know Mark after getting frustrated with other brokers and my own attempts of selling the airplane.

Mark’s promises were not all that different from the other brokers ….with one exception ….he delivered exactly what he said he would do. Once I signed the broker agreement, I gave Mark the keys, and logbooks. Mark analyzed my airplane and installed equipment and we agreed on a minimum sales price.

After that, it was approximately three weeks until Mark called me with an offer. One more phone call from Mark with some negotiations post pre-buy inspection, and a few signatures on the sales agreement ….and it was done. Start to finish Mark delivered every-thing he said he would ….and after close to 2 years of trying on my own … Mark had it sold in less than 4 weeks.

I can say with 100% I would recommend using Mark to sell your aircraft. Mark and I probably had a total of 5 phone conversations. The process was simple and hassle free.

If you want to sell your airplane, Mark is the solution. Feel free to contact me if you want more details or have any questions

W. B. Carden

I am writing this letter of recommendation of the Indy Air Sales, LLC. I recently contacted Pat Rob-inson to broker the sale of my personal airplane. He picked up my aircraft, called me regularly with the progress of the probable sale and sold it within 7 days. There were no surprises or unexpected clauses and did all that he said he would do. He got a good price for the airplane and I received my money in a timely manner.

I did recommend his company to a friend of mine and he also sold his airplane within 15 days. I would call Pat again ifI had another plane to sell.